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Dr. Robbins is a bio-pharmaceutical drug development professional and pharmaceutical attorney with over 30 years of broad-based drug development and commercialization experience. As a senior manager, most time has been spent overseeing all areas of research and development, clinical development, regulatory affairs, and legal affairs. As General Counsel he is responsible for all business development and litigation activities including patent and antitrust matters. He is an expert in pharmaceutical/biotech patent and antitrust litigation matters.
  • Successful development and implementation of regulatory/clinical strategies leading to numerous NDA/BLA approvals
  • Therapeutic expertise: CNS, cardiovascular, oncology, endocrine/metabolic, women's health, infectious disease, radiology and nuclear medicine
    and diagnostics
  • Oversaw the landmark pharmaceutical FTC v Schering Plough
    and Upsher-Smith antitrust case
  • Provided expert reports and testimony in several pharmaceutical/biotechnology antitrust and patent matters
  • Extensive business development expertise conducting pharmaceutical due diligence activities for in-licensing and out-licensing new pharmaceutical products as well as negotiation of licensing agreements
Positions Held
  • CEO, Kodiak Strategic Consultants
  • President and CEO, Tansna Therapeutics, Inc.
  • COO, Bullet Biotechnology
  • Executive Vice President of Legal, Scientific and Technical Operations, Upsher-Smith
  • VP of Regulatory, Quality and Legal, The Tapemark Company
  • Chair of the Food and Drug Law section, MN State Bar Association and Taught Food and Drug law at various law schools
  • Trained Mediator and Arbitrator and serves as a panel member, American Arbitration Association (AAA).
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota.
  • Board Member: Tansna Therpeutics, Clipse Therapeutics and of several nonprofit organizations
  • B.S. degree in Biochemistry for UCLA
  • Ph.D. in Pharmacology, University of Minnesota Medical School
  • J.D. magna cum laude, St. Louis University
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